Monday, March 28, 2011

My AMAZING paint can swap!!!

Well, I had recieved my paintcan from my partner! It was the most amazing set of items I have ever gotten in a swap! I was AMAZED by what I recieved from her. I recived tons of goodies, and THE MOST beautiful handmade items from her!! I seriously almost bursted out in tears!!! Theresa you are THE MOST AMAZING PERSON and I really hope you love my paintcan as much as I loved mine!!

With all that said take a look at the amazing stuff I recieved from her!!!!

Thanks for looking!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Liz, you are so sweet.......I am just tickled that I was able to grant some of your wishes for the paint can swap....and that you were so happy with the goodies I sent you! I love giving more than receiving and you made my heart smile! Thanks for the kind and loving words! The funny thing is that I bought your items on my trip up to you have things from Hobby Lobby in 3 different states; Florida, georgia and Tennessee & also the scrapbook superstore in Sevierville! So I had a blast on my road trip trying to find just the right items for you....even my DH got involved in the search! so much fun.......ENJOY!!!!!!! It was my pleasure!