Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make your own glimmermist

If any of you are like me, I am addicted to glimmermist. Lately I have been making alot of my own glimmermist. I purchase my bottles from this ebay seller. Here is the link for her if you would like to buy some....

She is super nice and always buy my mini misters from her

Here is what the Misters, My glimmermist, and some of the color combinations I have used that I liked.
Possibilties are endless!

Here are a few of the colors I have made
This is actually the paper I use in the back of what I am glimmermisting, so hence the mist of tons of colors....My lighting is not that good but The one that shows the most was a purple with gold mist, its hard to tell on here but looks really pretty in Real life

Another mixure of handmade glimmermists

Supply List Needed
1. Mini misters
2. Pefect pearls or Pearl ex
3. Colored inks in the dropper bottles (I use the refills for regular inkpads) Not DISTRESSS OR Alcohol inks.
Last but not least Water!!

Step 1:  Put your pefect pearls in the bottom of your mini mister (any color) I tend to put more then normal because I like mine really glimmery but you can always add more if it is not glimmery enough for you.
Step 2: Add the color ink you would like (this will be the color of the mist itself) I normally add about 15 drops in the mini misters I use from the ebay seller above. Your best bet is to add some try it and if you would like a darker color just add more ink.
Step 3: Add water to your mister. I would say leave a space from the top incase you want to add more perfect pearls or ink.
Step 4: Close the bottle, Shake it up and ENJOY!!!
Like I said you can always add more ink and pearls to add more of a shine or make the pigment stronger.

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