Monday, April 4, 2011

Sassy Pink Paper Bag Album (RELISTED ON NEW ACCOUNT!)

I got the idea for this album from the card I had made yesterday. I loved the colors and th way it looked so I decided to make a matchin paper bag album.
Here is the link for ebay if you are interested in it:

Here is the video on it

I decided if the auction reaches over $100 that I will throw in the card I had made yesterday as an extra.
So if auction reaches more then $100 here is what is coming in the listing....

And here is photos of just the album

Thanks for looking!!


  1. OMG! Liz, this one is just adorable! You may have to keep this one......IDK how you will ever part with it! I Love it! (unless of course you want to send it to me! ha ha)

  2. Haha, your right! this one is VERY HARD TO PART WITH... But i am working on making another one I have enough leftovers to do the same exact thing twice. I think and I hope... lol. This is by far my favorite one yet!